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Suzi And Her Fellow Have A Grande Ol’ Time


Suzi Grande desires to have fun, and when Suzi desires to have fun, whippersnapper will get toyed with. This 42-year-old divorcee and cougar from the Czech Republic has light-haired hair, a red-hot figure and huge, faux dumplings. Lady slobbers on love whistle earlier than whippersnapper fellates it, and whippersnapper enjoys to have her dumplings toyed with and her soggy box eaten. After which whippersnapper enjoys to poke. Lady’s a spunky plower.

Foolish query: The place does the fellow jizz? Far and wide her dumplings. Suzi’s dumplings are principally made for frosting.

Fave flick: A Starlet is Born.

Fave actor: Bradley Cooper.

Fave fitness: System 1 racing.

Pastimes: Dancing and draping out along with her 2 daughters-in-law.

Forms of fellows whippersnapper luvs: “Ones with air of mystery.”

Has whippersnapper ever had mating with a far junior fellow? “It is a secret.”

We’re going to take that as a sure.

Date: January 31, 2023