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Shione Lubricates ’em For The Guy


Whilst Shione Cooper lubes up her huge jiggly tishomingos, Neeo stands via ready to stay his pillar inbetween them. Shione squelches his ding dong mcdork inbetween her honkers and lowers her head so tot gluteus maximus tauntingly eat and video the apex.

Neeo nails Shione’s bosom firm and quick, bracing her via maintaining her neck. He transfers his dink to her lovely gullet and pumps. Her tastey lips wrap across the bloated one-eyed anaconda, her pierced tongue munching the pinnacle. Shione deep-throats, her mitt jacking and jacking his ding dong mcdork.

After smooching her lips, Neeo drowns his face in Shione’s smoothly-shaven piss flaps and munches the pinkish. Shione’s nips stiffen and her jaw-dropping face is a masks of extraordinary gusto. Now is the time for him to sink his ding dong mcdork on this goddess’s piss flaps whilst wringing her honkers. Shione is a super-naughty stripling and gluteus maximus’t get sufficient. Her bod stimulates and her tishomingos juggle like naughty. Inbetween postures, Neeo nails her tishomingos. Lubricates neatly inbetween them.

Date: January 28, 2023