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Queen Of Colombia: Shanie Gaviria


“I enjoy being handled like a queen,” Colombian stick insect Shanie Gaviria mentioned. “For me, all girls are wonderful, powerful and happy. I enjoy all this consideration and I’m glad the folks from SCORE got here to watch me in my nation. Genuinely, they indeed handled me like a queen, a best style, in the entirety. It is beautiful.”

Shanie loves the type of dude who “should be highly gentlemanly and likewise triumph over my thoughts.” Lady’s observed her SCORE vids by myself and her answer was once that the softcore emotions little angel had when little angel made them was once grabbed in them.

Shanie hams lightly deepthroat her personal nips. Maximum chesty women hams’t do this. Shanie hams dangle up 2 nay-nays together with her facehole. Best several women hams do this.

“I enjoy to deepthroat my nips and feature them inhaled on by way of a fellow who is aware of what he’s doing. I enjoy to have my nips inhaled and my flapdoodles toyed with. I love a pile of make-out with my goombas.”

If we ever {photograph} Shanie with a fellow, he has to go a breast-play take a look at first-ever. If he does not know what to do with a Isaac Newtons of flapdoodles like Shanie’s, he will be excused.

Date: January 30, 2023