MILFs Only

Trick or handle! You have been informed by means of the meaty bastard Burger-Sir on the village hamburger pub to steer clear of the decaying cocksheath. He informed you the pioneer of evil Cuntess Suckula. He informed you about her big-jugged reign of Halloween horror that stays to at the present time. Why did not you plumbing pay attention, pal? Now you’re pent up in a spider’s internet of tyranny, a boner-chilling tyranny you’ve gotten by no means expert prior to. Your garlic is worthless, until you introduced a plate of spaghetti with you. On the stroke of nighttime, and we do imply stroke, Cuntess Suckula rises from her coffin as a result of you’ve gotten disturbed her 100 yr slumber-party. Now you’re going to cub the dread as this stripnotizing succubus awakens to deep-throat in the ones silly travellers unwise sufficient to come in her catacombs of bosom. Should you luved LDM’s flick Boobahontas, you can spook out over Cuntess Suckula! You have been warned. Now you will have to percentage a tomb constructed for 2!

Date: August 21, 2018